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Kerr Financial is one of the pioneers of personal financial planning in Canada.

Robert Kerr formed the firm in 1979 to help individuals become more business-like about their personal finances.  At the time, unlike corporations that had accountants, lawyers, strategic planners and boards of directors, all working to manage finances and plan for the future, individuals and families had no single place to look to for help.  As a result, they were missing out on opportunities to save taxes, cut costs and get better investment returns.  As one of the longest standing personal financial planning firms in Canada, Kerr Financial continues to provide honest, useful financial advice, based on an expert knowledge of investment management, risk avoidance, income tax planning and estate strategies.  And this all starts with a deep understanding of what our clients are dreaming of and what they are worried about.

Kerr Financial is a fee-only personal wealth management firm.

As a fee-only financial advisory firm that is independently owned, we provide personal financial advice that is free of bias or preconceived solutions, suited to our clients’ personal needs.  Objectivity is necessary when it comes to making the best financial choices for clients. We receive no fees from anyone, other than you, our client.

Kerr Financial believes in doing the planning first and then in selecting the best investment professionals.

We believe in doing the planning first: integrating tax, investment, retirement and estate planning knowledge to help build wealth securely. Once the planning is done, we then select and manage the best investment professionals and we provide all of the other services needed to manage your finances effectively.  We have considerable resources to provide these complex services – well-trained and highly qualified people, and expert systems that support them.

Kerr Financial is proud of our team of professionals and staff.

We are particularly proud of the people who work with us at Kerr Financial. They are caring and knowledgeable. They take the time to search for value in the services they deliver to you.  And we are proud that our family can continue to serve your family in the way that you deserve. Robert Kerr has always said that he “wants us to be the kind of financial advisor where I would send my own mother for advice – if I wasn’t around”.

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