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In the March 22, 2017 federal budget, the government announced that, in order to achieve a more equitable tax system, tax planning strategies involvin...

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Lofty Loonie – Paradise Lost or Heaven Found?

A rising loonie and robust labour market have propelled Canadian consumer confidence to a three-year high. Earlier this month the Bloomberg Nanos Cana...

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Categories: Kerr Market Summaries Tags: August Market Summary, canadian economic news, European markets, Global Economic News, lofty loonie, rising loonie
The Loonie Moves while Markets Groove

Investors are grappling with the fact that central bankers are altering course from their unprecedented low interest rate policies necessitated by the...

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Categories: Kerr Market Summaries Tags: canadian economic news, European markets, Faangs, Global Economic News, July Market Summary, Loonie moves, market grooves
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