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We believe that it is important that all of your professional advice is integrated so strategies work together, not against each other, helping you to optimize your financial situation.  The best way to do this is to have the same small group of experts handle all of your financial needs in one place.  This is what we strive to do for our clients every day.  Unlike most financial services firms in Canada who offer individual financial services, our diverse group of experts work together to help optimize your financial situation. By combining financial planning, tax, investment management and estate planning advice, we ensure your financial strategies complement and enhance each other’s effectiveness. “A diverse group of experts working together to optimize your financial situation”  And where some firms might stop there, Kerr Financial recognizes that planning is only valuable when it is implemented effectively and monitored.  We have the capabilities and resources to take the extra step with you through to execution to help you ensure your plans become a reality.  And because we take care of the compliance work (accounting, tax return preparation, trust and foundation management) we are able to assess the effectiveness of the planning on an ongoing basis. “Kerr has the capabilities and resources to take the extra step with you through to execution”

Here are some examples of how our integrated approach adds value:

Maximizing personal investment returns while minimizing taxes.
Our integrated team works together to realize capital gains and losses, structure your portfolio to have the right assets in each account depending on its tax rate, and to ensure that you pay the right amount of installments to avoid penalties but without paying more tax than necessary.

Minimizing combined personal and corporate taxes.
Working together to manage your holding company portfolio along with providing accounting and corporate tax advice allows us to structure investment income and trigger gains to take advantage of creating tax free capital dividends or paying dividends that provide greater dividend refunds inside the company than the tax you pay personally on the dividend income.

Effective execution of prescribed interest rate family loans.
Our investment advisors ensure that income earned on moneys loaned at CRA’s prescribed rate to family members or trusts exceed the interest on the prescribed rate loan and that the loan interest is paid on time.

Maximizing tax credits.
Our investment advisors work closely with our tax advisors to make sure our clients are able to maximize any significant medical expenses or charitable donations by realizing capital gains in years with significant tax credits for medical expenses or charitable donations and by bumping up the tax cost of investments in years of little or no tax.

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