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Could you benefit from an integrated team?

Kerr Financial – Toronto Integrated Wealth

Kerr’s Toronto Wealth Management Team – recently participated by including a piece in the Toronto City Post – Women’s Professional Registry

The Toronto team included the article (see below) that outlined some of the benefits of the integrated wealth management team.

Benefits of Integrated Wealth Management

There is a lot of talk about the benefits of working with an integrated team for your investments, taxes and estate planning. With the pressure to make your money work harder, it is an area which can be overlooked and under-serviced; only when financial strategies work together are you able to achieve the greatest results. Integrated strategies can often be optimized by minimizing taxes while managing investment returns. Take the case of an elderly parent whose financial affairs are being serviced by separate financial institutions for investment, estate planning and tax return preparation; with a focus on individual expertise they may be missing out on integrated planning strategies.  It would not be uncommon for there to be large unrealized capital gains but at the same time medical or nursing home credits going unclaimed.  An integrated team would review the information together and could recommend realizing capital gains over a number of years at no tax cost in order to utilize the unclaimed medical expense credits.

Better decisions can also be made when your advisors have access to your investment management information in one place. With a system that aggregates transactions and position information from multiple custodians, tax estimates can be prepared more easily to ensure the government isn’t overpaid and interest costs are minimized.  Quarterly summaries of your financial resources are more easily prepared so you can make the best investment decisions from an up-to-date understanding of your situation.

Lastly, integrated wealth management saves you time by not having to repeat or pull the same data for multiple professionals. And there may also be the opportunity to store your financial information in a secure space to avoid worrying about storing, filing, and shredding information; you could instead make a call to your advisor to get the information as needed.


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