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Fundamental Advice to Emerging Affluent Canadians
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Our history

Since 1979, Kerr Financial has been helping individuals become more engaged in improving their personal finances.  As one of the longest standing personal financial and investment planning firms in Canada, Kerr Financial continues to provide honest, useful financial advice, based on an expert knowledge of investment management, risk avoidance, income tax planning and estate strategies. And this all begins with a deep understanding of what our clients are dreaming of and what they are worried about.

Without a doubt, Kerr Financial has made its mark as a premier advisor for integrated clients with investable assets of $2M-$30M and family office clients with investable assets of over $30M.

A new market to serve

Over the years, a new group of investors has emerged. The emerging affluent market is comprised of individuals with $100,000 to $1,000,000 of investable assets plus an annual household income over $100,000.

The opportunity

Kerr Financial recognizes that there is an opportunity to serve and help a niche of these rapidly rising successful people. Specifically, the opportunity to help individuals and families that are in the wealth building phase of their lives and require strategic investment support and financial guidance. You balance many responsibilities, such as advancing your career and maintaining your family relationships. As a result, you are looking for high-quality service. Moreover, these households have investable assets of $500,000 or will get to that figure quickly and grow with our guidance.

The value we can offer

The emerging affluent market in Canada is currently dominated by the big banks and insurance companies as they hold the bulk of the market share through their full-service advice and direct investing channels.  At Kerr Financial we recognize that this affluent group is underserved, and we believe that there are value-added benefits to dealing with Kerr Financial.

Specifically, we offer:

  • An in-depth financial analysis that will provide clients with retirement projections that show their current situation, along with recommendations that will improve their overall financial standing. All this while we guide the clients towards achieving their financial goals.
  • Tax management strategies that leave more money in the client’s pocket.
  • Professional active investment management to grow wealth soundly.
  • Leveraging a multi-manager approach to investment management to drive growth and minimize risk.
  • A valued partnership based on trust, understanding, and customized support.
  • A strong independent unbiased approach to investing and financial planning.

Introducing Kerr Financial Fundamentals, here to serve

We’re pleased to introduce Kerr Fundamentals, the latest offering from Kerr Financial. This service is tailored to those setting out on their wealth-building journey, emphasizing the importance of laying the right groundwork for your financial security. Just as mastering the fundamentals is key to excellence in any field, a solid financial strategy sets the stage for building wealth. With Kerr Fundamentals, we focus on getting the foundational aspects right.

Kerr Financial

About Kerr

Kerr Financial Group was formed in 1979 for the purpose of assisting individuals to maximize their personal financial resources, alleviate their financial and retirement concerns and simplify the administration of their affairs.

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