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Our personal financial planning services are focused on the needs of business owners, professionals, senior executives and high net worth individual investors. These clients share a level of complexity in their financial situations particularly in their tax planning needs and opportunities. They also tend to have strong financial resources and a high level of demand on their time and energy. To help them manage their complex financial situations and to make the most of their financial resources, respecting their busy schedules, we provide in-depth financial advice and promote the success of the planning by focusing on implementation of recommended strategies. With deep technical expertise and a broad base of knowledge, we provide comprehensive and robust solutions in any planning area.


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Business Owners BACK TO CHART
We have spent many years working with business owners and professionals. Kerr’s approach helps self-employed individuals, controlling shareholders and key employees separate and protect personal assets from those of the business and develop financial independence. Our comprehensive planning service also helps business owners protect against risks, including business risks; examine and evaluate corporate structure to maximize capital gains exemptions and minimize taxation; plan and manage cash flow, identifying where to draw income most tax effectively; evaluate shareholders’ agreements and methods of funding; ensure that owner/manager remuneration allows for building wealth outside the business, including maximum retirement funding contributions through RRSPs, RCAs or IPPs and ownership of personal and business real estate; provide cost/benefit analysis of employee benefit programs; examine and evaluate business succession planning options; tax plan and negotiate the sale of the business; and we recommend strategies to transfer business assets to family members or employees.
Succession Planning
Transfer of business assets
Sale of business
Protecting against risks
Tax Planning
Planning and managing cash flow
Evaluating shareholders’ agreements and funding
Owner manager remuneration
Cost/benefit analysis

Executive Counsel BACK TO CHART
Kerr recognizes that senior executives are a distinct group. They have healthy levels of compensation and benefits, are bright, make decisions quickly and have administrative resources to assist them in managing their affairs. In order to meet the needs of senior executives we tailor our executive counseling service to provide (1) senior financial planning advisors with experience dealing with senior executives and strong expertise in pensions, corporate benefits, tax, investment and estate planning; (2) advisors who are willing to be proactive in identifying opportunities tailored to the executives’ situation; (3) advisors that will take joint responsibility with the executive to ensure that recommendations are executed successfully and that they are moving effectively towards their financial goals; and (4) advisors who will individually assess their needs and tailor a planning service and agenda to suit their situation and schedules.
Comprehensive Financial Planning
Stock option management
International concerns
Contract review and negotiation
Salary and benefit review
Tax equalization
Capital/ Special Needs analysis

Wealth Accumulation & Retirement Planning BACK TO CHART
Kerr Financial’s fee-only financial planning services allow us to work with our clients through all life stages. If you are starting out in a wealth accumulation phase, we can work with you to set savings targets, ensure you are making the most of corporate benefits plans or retirement savings plans, develop a plan to help you reduce debt, review life and disability insurance needs to ensure you are protecting your family, build education savings plans to set aside funds for your children, put wills in place to protect family members and help you establish a sound investment plan. With an eye to retirement, we can help you assess how much is enough to provide for your ongoing living needs, consider when to draw on government benefits, look at the best way to draw income from retirement and investment portfolios to supplement any pension or government benefit income you have and reassess your investment and estate plans as you enter a different phase of your life.
Cash flow & budgeting
Determine net worth
Education funding
Financial independence planning - how much is enough?
Risk management & insurance planning
Estate planning
Investment review and planning

Estate Planning & Administration BACK TO CHART
Kerr Financial’s diversified staff include Trust and Estate Practitioners and Chartered Public Accountants in addition to Chartered Financial Analysts and Certified Financial Planners. Our team advises clients on estate planning with consideration for Canadian and US income and estate tax rules. In addition, we have extensive experience assisting families with estate settlement and administration. Our experience and expertise in this area will ensure maximum protection for your loved ones and the effective handling of your estate.
Assist with wills and powers of attorney
Advise on estate planning
Estate settlement & administration
Preparation of Estate tax returns
Review responsibilities of executor
Integration of U.S. Estate Tax Planning

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