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FAQ: Financial Services

  • What is Kerr Financial’s fee structure? How do you charge for services?
  • For our financial planning, accounting and tax advisory services, fees are based on hourly rates for professional staff commensurate with their level of experience.  Fees for specific service mandates are generally approved in advance.  For clients who want ongoing personal financial management services, we set a quarterly retainer fee that is reviewed annually.

    Kerr Financial Advisors charges a fee for investment management services as a percentage of assets under management on a declining scale as the portfolio increases in value.

    For Family Office Services we generally charge a fee calculated as a percentage of assets under management for the Investment Advisory service plus a retainer for the services or an agreement to bill on a quarterly basis for work completed up to an approved annual budget.

  • Is there a minimum level of assets required to work with Kerr Financial?
  • Kerr Family Office clients by definition have wealth that will last for multiple generations.  What this means in terms of asset value can be different for different families but in general Family Office clients would have between $20 million and $500 million in investment assets.

    With respect to investment management clients for Kerr Financial Advisors, our usual minimums are $2 to 20 million in assets but we have created some pooled solutions whereby we can provide our best sub advisors to clients at lower portfolio levels.

    In terms of our other services, there is no specific minimum - as long as clients see value in the advice then we are happy to work together.

  • Why choose a fee-only financial planner?
  • A fee-only advisor is compensated solely by the client with neither the advisor nor any related party receiving compensation that is contingent on the purchase or sale of a financial product.  These fees might be hourly, a flat retainer or be based on a percentage of your investment assets.  As a fee-only financial advisory firm that is independently owned, we provide personal financial advice that is free of bias or preconceived solutions, suited to our clients’ personal needs.  Objectivity is necessary when it comes to making the best financial choices for clients. We receive no fees from anyone, other than you, our client.

  • What is the advantage of working with a firm that also services family office clients?
  • Our Family Office division works with a number of successful Canadian families who have accumulated wealth that will last for multiple generations.  We help them to manage large investment portfolios with diversified strategies including alternative asset classes like real estate, hedge funds and private equity and we do deep due diligence on the underlying money managers that we select to help implement the investment strategies.  This work informs our investment committee in terms of selection of approved sub advisors that we bring to the rest of our investment management clients.  Similarly, the complexity in tax and planning that we manage for our Family Office clients highlights strategies that may be applicable for other clients of our tax and financial planning services.  In addition, there are some special education and governance services that are necessary to help families preserve and grow their wealth for future generations.  This sensitivity to values and financial literacy for next generation family members is beneficial in general and we can introduce these ideas with other client families that are interested.

  • What is the benefit of working with an Investment Management firm that also provides financial planning, accounting & tax return preparation services in house?
  • While a number of portfolio management firms have financial planning or tax specialists on their team, these resources may be limited.  Because Kerr Financial started as a fee only personal financial planning firm and has always provided accounting & tax return preparation services in house, we have a real balance between our investment management and financial advisory practices.  Our Investment Advisors work very closely with our Planners and Accountants to provide the best integrated overall advice.  The deep knowledge we gain about your goals & objectives and financial situation while doing your planning informs the development of your investment plan.  We manage your portfolio with true tax efficiency in mind, not only making installments and harvesting capital losses where appropriate but also looking at generation of taxable income in the right entities and at the right times.  And we strive to always provide you with integrated service so that your team of advisors work together to address all of your financial needs at any meeting or call that you have with us.

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