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FAQ: Family Office

  • How can my family benefit from the Kerr Family Office model
    • Access to a personalized dedicated team of multi-disciplinary professionals
    • Objective financial advice and access to all investment managers (not pre conceived solutions)
    • Confidentiality and discretion
    • Administration of family financial affairs made easy from one location, including storage of confidential documents
    • Integration of tax, investment and estate planning strategies to optimize family results
    • Peace of mind that all compliance needs are taken care of and opportunities are not being missed
    • Access to best practices based on our experience with other successful families like yours
    • Experience and sensitivity to ways families can truly sustain their wealth (family education, governance, succession planning, articulation of values and helping you consider the purpose of the family wealth)
  • Are all Family Office Services provided the same?
  • No. Family offices are all very different and customized to each family’s unique situation. The services are personalized based on the family’s objectives and needs in order to provide services and education which meet the family’s long term values, goals and objectives. Kerr Family Office services are customized during the Family Discovery Process and updated regularly to meet the diverse needs of the families we serve.

  • Who needs a Family Office?
  • Today, more and more successful families are being overwhelmed by the sheer extent and complexity of their financial lives.  The more complex your financial situation, the more you may need the services of a family office.  Where you are selling a business and are faced with complicated decisions regarding tax, legal and financial management, a family office could handle these issues. If you are looking to build generational continuity using family trusts, philanthropy and estate planning, a family office would allow you to address all those challenges and more.  The Kerr Family Office concept is the ideal solution for obtaining complete financial management from a highly qualified dedicated team of professionals.

  • What is a Family Office?
  • A family office is a dedicated multi disciplinary team of professionals who look after your family’s complex financial and human capital needs.  The family office oversees and manages all of your financial affairs and maintains all of your financial information and records.  It provides customized services to several generations of your family and works to support the family to sustain and grow family wealth.

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