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With our team of trained professionals, we offer personal income tax planning and tax return preparation, as well as accounting and tax services for your holding companies, trusts and family foundations.

Accounting & Corporate Tax Services for Holding Companies

We take care of all of the services required to maintain your holding company(ies) and manage corporate income taxes including:

  1. Bookkeeping, electronic data transfer, financial statement preparation and corporate tax return preparation
  2. Tax estimates and managing corporate tax installments
  3. Paralegal services including preparation of annual shareholder and director resolutions, and annual filings
  4. Preparation of T5 summaries and supplementary forms for taxable dividends and capital dividend elections for non-taxable dividends paid out of the company’s capital dividend account
  5. Preparation of T4 summaries and supplementary forms for annual salary/bonus or directors fees paid to corporate employees
  6. Tax planning advice looking at the most tax effective way to draw funds from the company, consideration of reorganizations or freezes that may be beneficial given your personal and corporate tax goals, recover refundable income taxes, split taxable income with family members and maximize tax deductions for the company.

Personal Income Tax Planning and Tax Return Preparation

Our personal income tax planning and preparation service is all-inclusive.   We provide on-going tax consultation services throughout the year to advise and update you on the latest in tax legislation and opportunities, as well as annual tax return preparation including:

  1. Year-end tax planning, to ensure all benefits due are maximized prior to year-end. This service includes preparation of tax estimates early in the year so you can act upon them.
  2. Expert tax return preparation including Canadian returns and US tax returns for US citizens or green card holders living in Canada and for Canadians with some employment or business interests in the United States.
  3. Preparation of required foreign asset reporting and closer connection filings for Canadians with US situs assets, Canadian snowbirds and US tax filers with Canadian assets or corporate entities.
  4. Follow-up services including communication with government tax departments on your behalf as needed, tracking of notices of assessment, and monitoring and optimization of carry forward balances.
  5. Estimating and managing quarterly installments. 

Trust Management Services

We take care of all the services required to maintain and optimize inter-vivos and testamentary trusts, including:

  1. Designing and planning appropriate uses for trusts including legal tax minimization
  2. Bookkeeping, financial statement preparation and trust tax return preparation
  3. Tax estimates and managing trust tax installments
  4. Paralegal services including preparation of annual trustee resolutions
  5. Preparation of T3 summary and supplementary slips for distributions of taxable income to beneficiaries
  6. Annual trust tax planning to maximize the benefit of the trust in the family’s overall financial structure and to integrate the trust tax profile with that of each family member.

Charitable Foundation Administration Services

If you have a private charitable foundation or if we have identified that this would be beneficial to your family in our planning process, Kerr Financial is well positioned to help you with the registration and annual administration relating to maintaining your charitable status.  In this regard, our services can include:

  1. Facilitating family decision making around the establishment of the foundation including coordination with legal professionals
  2. Registration of the foundation with Canada Revenue Agency (and Quebec Minister of Finance if applicable)
  3. Facilitating family work around the mission and objectives of the foundation tying back to family values
  4. Monitoring the foundation’s disbursement quota
  5. Preparing charitable donation receipts for funds received by the foundation
  6. Administration of payment of charitable grants
  7. Bookkeeping and preparation of annual financial statements and charity returns (T3010)
  8. Preparation of annual resolutions
  9. Support and preparation for family foundation meetings as agreed with the family


*Ontario accounting and tax client services are prepared by Kerr Financial Professional Corp. Inc.

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