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Case Study: Martha and Bill, retired

Through Kerr Financial Advisors Inc., Martha and Bill receive Integrated Investment Management guidance to help the manage their investment assets and live with peace of mind. We have developed a strategic investment plan for their portfolio and selected leading investment managers from among our approved sub advisors that complement one another to give the best risk adjusted returns.  We provide them with portfolio reviews on a quarterly basis and assess their retirement plan and net worth annually. We prepare their tax returns, manage tax installments and provide ongoing financial advice throughout the year.

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Case Study: Fred, business owner

As with other owner/managers who have built up successful businesses, we helped Fred create a plan that allowed him to defer income taxes and build retirement savings apart from the business assets. We supported him through the sale of his business and are now providing full service Family Office wealth management to ensure his capital provides for his needs and is preserved so that it will support his family for generations.  And we have worked with his family to help define how the family’s financial capital can facilitate the family’s values through their family foundation and a long term estate plan that will provide opportunities for future generations.

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Case Study: Sarah, 56 years old, on her own

Recently widowed, Sarah has children in their early twenties and concerns about her financial future. She came to us for assistance with decision-making and administration support around her husband’s estate. Kerr Financial Advisors now manages her assets to provide her regular required income. We created a plan that allows her to preserve capital while maintaining enough income to enjoy her lifestyle and pay for the postgraduate education of her children.

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Case Study: Sue & David, in their 40’s

High-income earners who recently paid off their mortgage, Sue and David have two young children and plenty of dreams for the future. While they have some financial expertise, they have no time to attend to their own financial planning needs. They look to us for comprehensive Personal Financial Management with action-oriented strategies that we monitor to ensure their successful implementation. Elements of their plan include increasing and sourcing appropriate life insurance; adding a family trust to help fund future private school and university needs; and setting a savings and investment plan so they can maximize the benefits of their high-earning years.

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