Maximize your tax deductions and credits this tax season!

With the top federal income tax rate at 33% as of 2016, up from the previous 29%, it is becoming more important to ensure that you make the most of av...

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Categories: Accounting & Tax Tags: charitable donations, disability tax credit, home buyers amount, interest expense and carrying charges, medical expenses, public transit credit, rrsp deduction, student loan interest credit, tax deductions and credits
The Growing Importance of the TFSA

Why defer tax when you can save it altogether? With the RRSP contribution deadline past, most Canadians have turned their attention away from tax brea...

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Categories: Accounting & Tax Tags: reduce income tax, RRSP, tax efficiency of TFSA, TFSA, TFSA annual limit, TFSA eligible investments, TFSA end date, TFSA income splitting, TFSA vs RRSP, TFSA withdrawals
Make 2017 the year you take charge of your Finances!

Take control  of your finances with these easy financial planning guidelines The new year is well underway and it appears 2017 will be a year of con...

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Categories: Accounting & Tax, Financial Planning Tags: easy financial planning, financial resolutions, improving finances, loan interest tax-deductible, net worth analysis, Paying-off debt, RRSP, TFSA
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